Finally at the beginning of 2018 I was able to realise a dream I had when I was a teenager.. Riding a motorbike.

I was all set at the age of 16 with my provisional license, hoping one day I would either be able to buy or be bought a moped. Sadly this never happened.

Mid way through my 16th year I started having severe epileptic seizures that came out of the blue, though I have my own theory. Countless times I would go often on my racing bike, and later a mountain bike which I saved up money from a summer job for, and come back home (via hospital) in the back of an ambulance wondering what had happened. Witness descriptions had me flying into a ditch, hitting my face on the road. I was lucky I wasn’t killed or caused a major accident. To this day I still have half a false tooth as a result of smashing my face so hard my tooth snapped in half.

As a result, I was put on medication, given the diagnosis of epilepsy and had to send my driving license back to the DVLA. That dream closed.

Fast forward 27 years and I decided I would realise my dream and get on 2 wheels. My goal was to amass all necessary protective gear which I did during 2017 thanks to for sale ads, EBay and other sources – often only paying £20 for something that would cost up to £80 new. Of course, I purchased my helmet brand new as I would never buy one, unless brand new and sealed in a box. My head is worth too much!

lexmoto gladiator

Thanks to my hard work in December delivering parcels 6, sometimes 7 days a week I was able to afford money towards a bike and pay for my CBT and at the beginning of January 2018, I took the plunge and took my CBT so I could ride. That day I was as nervous as heck, and it showed but to be fair Richard at Wolds Motorcycle Training was brilliant and patient with me, encouraging rather than criticising. My next obsession was to get a bike. Given I had taken my CBT on a 50cc moped, I thought a 125cc scooter would be a start to gain me experience before “graduating” to a geared bike in preparation for taking my test.

Looking at classifieds, it was obvious that there were some cheap nightmarish machines for sale for sub-£500, so decided to see a local bike shop and as luck would have it he had a 2012 Lexmoto Gladiator in not perfect condition for £500. Thanks to a loan from my mum and my savings…the scooter was mine.

Insurance £96 for a newbie and £14 tax and £6 to fill the scooter up-seriously cheap! And so I picked “Jet” up. Why Jet, well I always had a thing for Gladiator Jet – yes the 1980/90s TV programme to answer that one.

Update to April 2018 and I have swapped Jet for Suzi, a Suzuki EN-125, yes a real motorbike. Now I just need to save up to take my test and the world is my oyster.