Early Years – My Biography

2015, I may be in my forties now, but a lot has happened in these last 42 years which has carved out the unique person I am, from my childhood days, my torment of my teenage years, the turbulent twenties and being reborn in my early thirties to having a long term relationship which although troubled and loving has recently ended after nine years together.

My hobbies, my likes and my career all carved out like blocks of molten stone. I may not believe in religion, favouring Darwin’s theory of evolution over the Bible and studying the works of George Orwell – the creative genius of his time. Despite this, I am sure there is someone looking over me, keeping me safe during the bad times and encouraging me during the good times and having one hell of a joke with me when I was young.

“I am a stubborn opinionated sod with a very soft and likeable centre, typical of a fruit centred chocolate shoved in a fridge. Warm me up and I go all gooey.”

This writing is a work in progress so snippets will appear online but are subject to change, just like me.