Once again the Tories are screwing the elderly disabled with P.I.P.

Picture the situation..

An elderly person in her late sixties who has various disabilities was granted “indefinite Disability Living Allowance” only three years ago was written to last year informing her that she would be moving to the Tories latest quango Personal Independence Payment.

She had a massive form to fill in of which was so overwhelming she had to seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureaux (who admitted they are struggling to cope with demand for their services as the Government don’t fund them). Once the form was sent off, she was informed she would need a medical assessment conducted by Capita, despite supporting medical evidence of her inability to cope with her disabilities from her GP and specialists.

The “medical assessor” (aka young person reading from laptop) visited her at home due to her mobility issues and promptly firing “stupid” questions from her laptop at a rapid rate leaving this poor lady confused, frustrated and not knowing what she said. To make matters worse, this elderly person was suffering from a severe chest infection at the time so felt very ill but was told she could not cancel the appointment as “it may affect her entitlement”.

Another letter came back saying that “they would be in touch with a decision that could take up to 13 weeks”. So with anxiety at an all time high, confused and worrying she has a long wait while someone sat at a computer decides her future.

Today she contacted me nearly in tears that her DLA would be stopped on the 8th February – normally paid weekly. Her PIP monthly payment starts 4th April – paid four weekly in arrears. And with this payment, her net income works out to be over a THIRD less per week.

Net result, between February and April she will only be getting a basic state pension to live on despite being disabled and then afterwards a massively reduced amount of money per month.

Not only are the Tories targeting the poor, they are targeting the disabled and elderly. I watched a film at Christmas, “I, Daniel Blake” and it is essential viewing as it is the truth – I shan’t say what happens at the end!

“Manifesto” image courtesy of https://me.me          Article re Capita here, courtesy of The Guardian