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Another Tory Budget for the rich – time for a change

I watched the Budget 2017 today hoping that the Chancellor would at least make my life a bit better. Over the next two weeks, I am working 20 days straight in the gig economy earning less than £10 per hour after expenses and tax thanks to the American invention called “Black Friday“.

I have to travel to Nottingham, yes 60+ miles away, on Friday for a hospital appointment because the speciality is no longer available in Lincolnshire – the county I live in. Again, due to Conservative cutbacks to the health service.

I own an old diesel car, because I don’t earn enough to buy a new fancy electric car, because the Government convinced us that running a diesel car was better.

I fear the day my car breaks down, or my aged heating boiler finally stops working because I am in debt and have no savings and to coin a phrase uttered from the lips of Theresa May “just about managing”.

I can go on, but you get the picture, I am one of the many people, but I am lucky as I have a home and can afford food.

What did the Budget give me…… Nothing! Will I be poorer….Probably! Thankyou Phillip Hammond, you’ve made my day…Not!

I then watch Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the Budget and he describes the low wage working people, like me. Instead of apologising for the chaos the country is in, the Tories jeer at him.

Seven years of this is more than enough, please May and your cronies it’s time to go.

(Image courtesy of Unite)