The big number rip off

Its a while since I last blogged, but something caught my attention this morning – a HUGE mobile phone bill.

dented bumper

Picture the scene… I was in the middle of nowhere after someone ran into the back of my car because she wasn’t concentrating on the road – yes she admitted it!

I called the insurance company, spoke to them on their 0844 number on my mobile..Big Mistake, Huge Mistake.

Big Mistake, Huge Mistake

I was told by BT – my current mobile provider that I had unlimited calls, so I didn’t really consider that I was on the phone for a long time given I had just been shunted into the middle of a busy road.

But this morning, I woke up to a message from my bank about my account going overdrawn so I decided to investigate. It turns out that calls to an 0844 number cost a 30p per minute “access charge” plus “a service charge”. This was after OFTEL decided to simplify calls to premium rate numbers by providers publishing their access charges. (a smokescreen to increase call prices!)

So lets work the maths… £20.01 in extra charges after 2 calls lasting a total of 34 minutes.

34x£0.30=£10.20 in “access charges” from BT for calling the number and £9.81 in service charges (£9.81/34=29p). That means that “local call rate” number actually cost me 59 pence per minute.

The good news is my car is a good as new, the bad news is I’ve got a massive phone bill to pay.