long grass in garden

The 12 days of grass

One thing I love the most is being out in my lovely garden, but due to being busy with work, campaigning and our beloved weather ranging from sun to rain and thunderstorms it is nearly two weeks since I last cut my grass. Today I decided to do it as it was getting up to my ankles. Fortunately I have a good 16″ petrol mower whose engine puts most “hairdryers” to shame. (Thanks to my friends “donating” it to me when my electric one blew up)

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Christmas song “the 12 days of Christmas”, well lets add a different version:

On 12 days since cutting the grass, my garden gave to me:

12 days of strange weather;

Nah…maybe not!

What I have got is….

  1. Loads of grass still to cut.
  2. I’ve run out of petrol.
  3. A full compost bin
  4. A full green waste bin
  5. And one hot sweaty Michelle

petrol can grass
Empty petrol can

full compost bin
Full compost bin

green waste bin
Full Green Waste Bin
Hot sweaty Michelle

Picture NOT coming soon!
mountfield empress 16
My trusty grass muncher

Oh and for the record, when Christmas comes, call me Li’l Miss Humbug.