Mobile phone companies

You spend probably tens of thousands of pounds with your loyalty to a mobile phone provider for as long as you can remember and ask them for a favour.. Think again!

I called my mobile provider this morning to ask if I could reduce the cost of my monthly bill due to having a close look and realising I must be spending far too much each month. Apparently when you sign up to a contract with a super duper phone, it is for 2 years and you cannot DECREASE your spend, only upgrade the contract and spend more. How can spending more on bolt ons or “boosters” be in my interest?

Its almost as though they would rather I default on the bill rather than help me out – something I have never done or would do. Yes folks, I have always paid my phone bill on time in full – another reason for a “favour”.

It proves that you cannot remain “loyal” to anyone anymore. When my contract is up, I will re-evaluate who gives me the best deal, not who I have been happy with. Maybe there is now a case for going “Pay As You Go” with some of the supermarket brands e.g. Tesco Mobile.