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Delivering, Physio, Walking, Biking -now I am tired and dreaming of…


delivery of boxesFollowing events of earlier this year, I never envisaged delivering parcels again but since then I have been busier than ever. Thanks to my immediate Field Manager, his manager and head office acknowledging what I was accused of didn’t happen – which for the record IS THE TRUTH. I was fitted up by certain individuals who shall remain nameless because I saw through their plans!!

Ok I am unable to cover the Louth rounds, but I am appreciated elsewhere – indeed tomorrow I am off to Newark, expenses paid. Today I was delivering just outside Louth, earlier in the week, Immingham.


On Tuesday, I had my last physio session which involved “traction” on my knee – for the rest of that day, I couldn’t walk despite being told I should start biking – an activity that I had to forego last year when my knee started locking up most painfully. However, with plenty of ice and rest I decided today to take the plunge and..

Dog Walking

fitbit walk cycleThe dogs were restless this evening and my knee was feeling the best it had in ages, so I decided to take them for a long walk across the fields nearby me. They enjoyed it – a change from the usual “round the block” before my knee started throbbing. After a couple of miles I decided to come back home, realising I needed some Electricity. Since I do not believe in dogs being tied up outside shops, I had 3 choices – drive to the shop, walk or take the plunge and listen to my physio and……bike!


For the second time this year (the first time ended up with me crying like a baby and having to rest for 2 days) I got my bike out the shed, checked it over then gently biked to the shop and back. Ok, less than a mile but I did it Whoop Whoop Whoop. I’m back on my bike 🙂

So…. Thankyou to the great team at Louth Hospital in January for their excellent service on Fotherby Ward, the orthopaedic surgeon who did the operation and my follow up physiotherapy I think I am now fixed. This makes me being a member of the Fighting For Louth Hospital campaign more relevant as without Louth Hospital, I would have had to endured trips to Lincoln Hospital or further afield and I have been reliably informed the service is not as good due to resources being overstretched.

And my dream…

Following my holiday in Spain in May, the Cleethorpes Scooter Rally and other little events it is now my dream to pass my CBT and motorbike test and buy a pink scooter. This was spurred on further today by a photo my friend Linda sent me that she saw whilst out and about in Spain.

Cleethorpes Scooter Rally 2017 Ride In

pink scooter spain