Time To Go Theresa May, Its Nearly Jeremy July

When will Theresa May get the hint that the people want her to go and even her own MPs want her to go.

Over the past week, she’s ignored the fact that the NHS is on its knees, there aren’t enough Police on the streets, more and more people are living hand to mouth and relying on foodbanks. Her response.. Bribe the DUP party with enough money to keep Doctors, Nurses and Police Officers in jobs for a few months so they’ll support her.

Theresa May faces backlash from Scotland and Wales over £1bn Tory-DUP deal – source The Guardian

The £1BILLION bribe: Tories sign deal with DUP but taxpayers foot the bill – source Daily Express

Does she not realise this is just the start as the DUP will continue to demand more of our hard-earned money?

Then at Glastonbury, whilst Theresa May hid away, Jeremy Corbyn was on stage in front of tens of thousands of people chanting for him.

Oh Jeremy Corbyn. Crowd chant support for Labour PM at Glastonbury 2017

If that wasn’t enough, give the MPs a longer paid holiday (costing the taxpayer more money) to stop her own cabinet of Tory MPs plotting to get rid of her.

Parliament’s summer holiday could be extended ‘to stop MPs plotting coup against Theresa May’ – source The Independent

You can’t rely on squatters rights indefinitely, May was nearly a month ago now!