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Praise The Emergency Services Then Deny Them Extra Pay

So, recently Theresa May was praising the Emergency Services for their hard work. Labour suggests they should have a more than 1% pay increase – which is below inflation by the way.

And what do the Tories do…

Give £1.5bn to the DUP so there is no “magic money tree” to reward the Emergency Services for their hard work and continue the 14% “pay cut” they have faced since 2010. Due to the year on year cuts, less staff are working harder, often without pay. Guess what… all 10 DUP members voted against the Labour motion to give a majority vote.

Read More Here in an article in The Independent.


They’ve given the “money that doesn’t exist” to the DUP.

Lied about their involvement in the Grenfell tragedy, blaming Labour

jeremy hunt-theresa may-nhsDenied the hard working public service workers a pay increase.

Silenced Doctors from speaking so Jeremy Hunt the c**t can hurry through the NHS Privatisation.

I wonder what tomorrow’s news will bring….