Weak and Wobbly vs Strong and Stable

Not very often I borrow a phrase from a Conservative government, but this morning it fits the bill in my comparison of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. Forgive the quality of the photos but they were taken on my phone.

Strong And Stable

apple macbook pro 2011I am currently sat in my office writing this blog on my SIX YEAR OLD Apple Macbook Pro, which runs as fast as it did when I bought it in 2011, is up to date and suffers very little downtime. Updates are installed at a time I choose, most of the time within a minute and no restarting.

Why you ask?

Weak And Wobbly

Well, I was sat in front of the TV with my 2 year old laptop running Windows 10 which had to be upgraded recently as it was slowing down a bit. I powered it on to check my emails etc. and….

Waiting for Windows Update

30 minutes later – great I can log in now, but:

Windows Update still waiting
Another wait…….

Stuff it, go to the office, switch on my Mac which took less than 30 seconds to load up and start writing this blog. By the time I’m finished, I can update it on my Windows laptop (hopefully).

50 minutes later and I can log in and….

Windows 10 creators update

After clicking off this, I cannot see anything has changed, but according to Microsoft it brings loads of new features.

Was it worth the wait and morning disruption – definitely NOT especially as some of the features were standard on Apple a couple of years ago!!

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