Worktime Frustration and Mental Health

burnout at work
A Burnout is when your body feels totally unable to function, think straight, mind blanks and frustration that you have to simply stop and recharge.

I suffer from repeated anxiety and depression, so when I am having a good day I capitalise on it and try to get as much done as possible until I hit “burnout”.

I finish my morning work, still feeling up beat and decide to spend the afternoon in the office working on overdue tasks when a niggling customer issue rears its head again with lets say Supplier B who is taking over from us (myself and Colleague C) for Customer A. Despite providing Supplier B with clear and concise instructions, they are unable to proceed and an exchange of emails starts between A,B,C and myself. Stopping what I am doing I focus on this and respond thinking that will be the end of the matter. I start back to my original task and “bing” there is another email from Supplier B, this time with a sarcastic comment and a video. Customer A doesn’t care about the technical details, they want it solving – an easy enough task Colleague C and me think. Another email to Supplier B, followed by a return email making accusations from Supplier B to us – also sent to Customer A.

At that point I phone Colleague C in desperation and admit I have hit Burnout. Its 5pm and I am totally drained of energy, cannot even remember what I was supposed to do. As well as totally fed up with technology of any kind.

To a “normal” person without mental health issues then I guess it would have been “another day at the office” but the childish stupid behaviour of one person (B) has now ruined my day and made me tired, motionless and unproductive.

I don’t even have the strength to go for a walk!