The Clock Is Ticking Theresa May

20 days ago after the Grenfell tragedy, Theresa May promised money to rehouse those affected by the tragedy within 3 weeks. Can this be another broken promise?

Some people have been rehoused, often in unsuitable accomodation “but we’ve done our bit to rehouse them”

Accomodation has been given on a “like it or lump it” basis away from schools, families and friends. A home is not just an item, but often represents a family community.

Many people are still without homes, basic possessions such as clothing and identity documents.

Due to the stupid rules regarding benefit payments, those with no address often have their benefit payments stopped.

I just heard something on ITV’s This Morning, which is perfectly true… If there was an earthquake in some third world country, the British Government would be sending aid out immediately. Our own people suffer tragedy and many thousands more are victim to years of Tory housing cuts – that were passed in 1984 under Thatcher

I wonder if in 24 hours everyone will be housed in suitable accomodation or is this ANOTHER BROKEN TORY PROMISE from Mrs Weak and Wobbly U-turn.